L.A. Mkrtchyan (mkrtchyan-lala@mail.ru )


The region of Sevan is rich in historical and architectural monuments, many of which have a unique aesthetic value. However, due to human inattention, they come under the influence of various catastrophic situations. Most of the monuments are currently in a dilapidated condition.

The impact of hazards causing catastrophic consequences on monuments is little studied, which is why they are not paid attention at all. In many settlements of the Sevan community, the indifference and lack of awareness of the population is also high, due to which they do not even aware of the churches in their neighborhood.

Key words: historical and cultural reserve-museum, historical environment, historical-architectural monument, khachkar, natural catastrophic phenomenon, impact, disaster risk.

PAGES: 189-194

DOI: 10.61746/18292984-2023.2-189