А.Н. Avanesyan (avanesyan-1965@bk.ru), D.R. Tadevosyan (tadevosyan_davit @mail.ru)


The organization of population protection and civil defense in emergency situations is one of the most important functions of the state and an integral part of national security, as the preservation of human and material resources is one of the prerequisites for the existence of every state. Evacuation is one of the forms of population protection. One of the forms of protection of the population is evacuation, and therefore regular evacuation drills in pre-school educational institutions are highlighted as an effective way of forming a safety culture and acquiring skills among children.

Key words: emergency situation, preschool educational institution, evacuation, drill, safe area.

PAGES: 145-152

DOI: 10.61746/18292984-2023.2-145