S.Z. Kroyan (kroyan.samvel@mail.ru), L.Z. Badalyan (larisa.lia@mail.ru)


The article discusses the problems of studying the land cover, using aerial and satellite images in the subject of Geography of Armenia for the 9th class. It is possible to use geographic information system (GIS) in the teaching process of a high school, which gives the student and the teacher an opportunity to manage the information flow. Modern technical means make it possible to model geographical phenomena and processes, to graphically present the dynamics of phenomena, its essence.

Under the conditions of the educational and educational excursion fields, soil studies of this area were carried out by combining soil-geographic studies and satellite images of the southern slope of the Aragats mountain range.

The application of GIS in secondary schools will contribute to the formation and development of the safety culture of students.

Key words: land cover, aerial photography, space picture, upward zonality, photo decoding, Geographic Information System (GIS).

PAGES: 161-167

DOI: 10.61746/18292984-2022.1-161