D.A. Edimichev (edimichev@inbox.ru), M.D. Bolotov (bolotov.maxim03@mail.ru), M.S. Voronin (maksim29072002@mail.ru), E.A. Kovalenko (lizakovalenko1@yandex.ru), D.O. Plekhanov (plekhanovDanila614@yandex.ru)


The material and technical base of Achinsk fire department is considered in the article. A comparison of tactical and technical characteristics of fire-fighting vehicles has been carried out, the response time to an emergency situation at an oil refinery has been calculated taking into account climatic conditions. The statistics of fires at industrial facilities has been analyzed. On the basis of the information obtained, the tasks of the fire department at the enterprises were determined.

Key words: fire truck, fire station, oil refinery, response speed, fire, explosion, ground tank.

PAGES: 116-122

DOI: 10.61746/18292984-2022.1-116