E.V. Muraveva (kzn@mail.ru), V.D. Dorofeeva (veronika-dorofee@mail.ru)


The article calculates the required number of fire equipment, personnel of fire departments for the localization of fire foci in the warehouse of explosive materials of the underground complex of the Talitsky mining and processing complex. In the process of work, measures and technical solutions aimed at preventing the occurrence and spread of fire have been developed and proposed. The proposed technical solutions can be used at the enterprise of JSC Verkhnekamsk Potash Company.

Key words: hazardous production facility, safety evacuation routes, explosives, critical time of the fire, fire action plan, mining and processing complex, hazardous production facility, fire elimination, evacuation of personnel, fire rescue equipment, near-barreled yard.

PAGES: 93-101

DOI: 10.61746/18292984-2022.1-93