L.A. Margaryan (l.margaryan@ysu.am), S.S. Hayrapetyan (haysers@ysu.am), A.M. Khachatryan (khachatryanandranik1990@gmail.com), L.SBanyan (lilitbanyan35@gmail.com), A.I. Martiryan (armart@ysu.am)


The water quality of the Voghji river within the industrial city of Kapan in Armenia was assessed in the work The data showed that the river is heavily polluted by urban and industrial wastewater, which makes the water of the Voghji river unsuitable for use in agriculture and irrigation.

Key words: water quality, irrigation, FAO standards, suitability for use, industrial wastwater.

PAGES: 108-110

DOI: 10.61746/18292984-2022.1-108