MAREK SOKOLOWSKIDoctor of Science (DSc), Titular Professor (ProfTit)



phone: (+48) 89 524-65-72

e-mail (priv.):, e-mail (ofic.)


BORN: 18.03.1962, Poland.

Place of work: University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland.

Head of Department of Sociology.

Scientific position: Doctor of Science (DSc), Titular Professor (ProfTit).

In polish: prof. zw. dr hab.

address: Department of Sociology, 10-007 Olsztyn, ul. F. Szrajbera 11, Specialist in the field of sociology of culture and sociology of mass communication (media studies, visual sociology).

Author of 14 books, (among other books: Word- Picture- Sound. Introduction to Media History, ed. Olsztyn 2016, From the real world to the virtual. Essays on media and journalism, ed. Toruń 2014, (R) evolution in communication. Introduction to media studies, ed. Warszawa 2010), “Poisoned Well?” Media in Times of COVID -19 Pandemic (2021) (ISBN 978-83-8180-402-8), scientific editor of 36 monographs. He published 45 chapter in the books of other authors. His total scientific achievements include 287 items.

He promoted 4 doctors (PhD) in the humanities and social sciences, over 100 masters (MA), 300 undergraduates (BA).

Member of: Polish Sociological Society, Polish Society of Social Communication, Association of Polish Journalism.